Praying the Mass


This is a really excellent book and resource for catechesis on the New Translation of the Missal. There are three volumes: this is the first one looking at the prayers of the people. The other two are: the prayers of the priest, and the Eucharistic prayer (see Pinyan’s website for more details). What I love about the book is that it is a whole catechesis on the Mass, not just the newly-translated parts. It is deeply scriptural (every part of the Mass is furnished with its rich basis in Scripture) and very practical for busy people, e.g. ways of preparing before going to Mass. It is the best resource I’ve seen so far for catechesis on the New Translation, and we’ll definitely be using it for our catechesis in the parish.


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I live in Southsea and work for the Diocese of Portsmouth. My first love is for catechesis and evangelisation: until January 2013, I worked for a busy, thriving parish in south London coordinating the catechesis - sacramental programmes and adult formation. In November 2013, I completed my MA in catechetics at Maryvale Institute, Birmingham. View all posts by transformedinchrist

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