Catechetics in the seminary

Last week, I spent some time at the seminary teaching on catechetics. What a fantastic few days. It was difficult to know how to pitch it, given that I’m used to speaking to adults in the parish without a great deal of theological background. But how refreshing to be able to share some catechetical principles along with concrete examples from our parish, with a wonderful group of seminarians. We discussed different experiences of catechesis – what makes good practice and what makes bad, we explored the pedagogy of God in the GDC and compared methodologies to it, we looked at the goals of catechesis outlined by Mgr FD Kelly as well as his ecclesial method, we looked at liturgical catechesis, particularly how to teach ‘from’ and ‘to’ the rite, we discussed the importance of the four dimensions of Christian life in catechetics, and the ‘symphony’ of the Catholic faith whose main themes are the five foundational truths. It was an enjoyable and inspiring three days, and I was privileged to be able to share ideas with them. For the future of catechesis in the Church, vital to her flourishing, is the solid formation of seminarians in catechetics. These few days showed me the importance of this, and I am increasing my prayers for seminarians in our country. Please increase your prayers, too!

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I live in Southsea and work for the Diocese of Portsmouth. My first love is for catechesis and evangelisation: until January 2013, I worked for a busy, thriving parish in south London coordinating the catechesis - sacramental programmes and adult formation. In November 2013, I completed my MA in catechetics at Maryvale Institute, Birmingham. View all posts by transformedinchrist

3 responses to “Catechetics in the seminary

  • William

    Hannah, I’d love to hear more of your thoughts on how to tech “from” and “to” the rite, especially as it pertains to Religious Education. I think it is a little easier to do it to adults but not always as easy to elementary children (although Baptism and Confirmation are pretty easy).
    Regarding the 5 Foundational Truths: the Dignity of the Human Person, The Church, the Person of Christ, The Paschal Mystery and Trinity. I be very interested in what you shared about these truths to the seminarians.

    God Bless! ~ William O’Leary

  • transformedinchrist

    William, hi!
    Teaching from the rite is easier, I guess, using prayers from the Liturgy, especially the Collects of the new translation are great. Teaching to the rite – I have only thought of this in terms of teaching towards Holy Communion and Reconciliation and Confirmation for children preparing for these sacraments. The notes I used were from the Bosco conference last year! “Liturgy in Methodology”
    The 5 foundational truths – there is an excellent chapter in “The Craft of Catechesis” (Petroc Willey, Barbara Morgan et al) on this, how the Faith is presented as a symphony. I based this teaching on that chapter.
    Looking forward to being in KC!
    God bless, Hannah

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